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Yes, you read that right! Our JPG Referral Program rewards you for spreading happiness at workplaces. The first-ever referral program works on the human's existence essence that is "Happiness". Do you have any connects or wish to network with CEO/CXO, HR Professionals, Manager of Start-Up, you can refer Happiness Infuser to them, which helps in spreading happiness at their workplace and get paid for making employees happy.

Our Three-Step JPG(Join, Promote & Get Paid) Referrals Program is all set to make you wealthy! Money can't buy happiness but it can definitely buy Happiness Infuser which will elevate workplaces' happiness.

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Promote Happiness Infuser's product by placing banners & text links with your unique referral link on your website. Don’t worry if you don’t have a website, you can still earn with your networking or your personal connects. Right targets are the soft targets, here's the list you may have to consider: CEO/CXO, HR Professionals, Manager or Start-Up Entrepreneurs.

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For every qualifying order that chooses to spread happiness referred through you is credited to your referral account and you earn a commission.

Happiness-Infuser Referral Program
3 Months Subscription Rs. 1100
6 Months Subscription Rs. 2200
12 Months Subscription Rs. 5000

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